Add Your Song Lyrics To Instagram Stories

Written by Jessie Cheng, Rock The Dream

We can add lyrics to Justin Bieber’s “Yummy” and Katy Perry’s “Roar” to our Instagram stories, but do you know that you can also add your own song lyrics? Yes, you can! Read through, and you’ll be on track towards adding your own song lyrics to your next IG story.

Using your mobile device, download Musixmatch, a free application that allows lyrics to be paired with music. After setting up your account, follow these three important steps:

First, get verified as an artist! There are many ways to receive verification, but the easiest way is to fill out this link here. This link is provided by CD Baby, a digital music distributor, which has partnered with Musixmatch so that you can receive fast artist verification!

Next, add the lyrics for your songs into your Musixmatch account by pressing the “Add Lyrics” button. Make sure to adhere to all Musixmatch guidelines when transcribing lyrics, such as adding lyrical content only, transcribing all lyrics (including repeated ones), placing secondary lyrics into parentheses, etc.

When formatting lyrics, it’s important to break them up into individual lines. This way, your followers will have an easier time reading through your lyrics when they reach your IG story. Musixmatch recommends against copying and pasting lyrics from other websites, since this may cause formatting issues. Here are a few other tips: separate sections to your song with double breaks, capitalize the first letter to every song line, and insert all numbers as words.

You’re almost finished, so hang in there! Now, you have arrived at the final and best part, which is syncing your lyrics with your music. Search for your song on Musixmatch, ensuring that the lyrics you previously entered appear with your song. Make sure to connect the application with either your Spotify, Amazon Music, or Apple Music account, and then press “Sync Lyrics.”

Your song will start playing, so make sure that all your lyrics are in sync with the song. After reaching the end, all you need to do now is wait for your Instagram to update, which may take some time. So open your IG story frequently and be patient!

Congratulations, you did it! Now, you don’t have to add Taylor Swift’s “ME!” to your story anymore. Add your OWN lyrics that demonstrate your unique tastes and creative musical styles!

Lyrics On Instagram Stories

Source: CD Baby, DIY Musician, Chris Robley, May 5, 2020. Source: CD Baby, DIY Musician, Chris Robley, May 5, 2020. 

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