One Look At Your DPK Could Make or Break Your Career

Written by Lindsey Batista, Rock the Dream

If you’re an artist or band that wants to book gigs and you don’t have a DPK yet, don’t wait any longer.  A DPK, or digital press kit, is your musician’s resume. It will tell venues, promotors, journalists, and professionals in the industry what you bring as an artist. The more accessible information you have for these people to find, the more publicity and opportunities you can get. 

Important people in the industry have little time, with a whole lot of people wanting that precious time. Make your DPK simple, easy to navigate with all the info concisely placed together with very little scrolling. 

A DPK puts all of the important information about you and your music neatly together, and should include the following; 

Your music. The most important thing any one in the industry is looking for is your music.  Make sure your most recent releases are listed, and you should also link them, so they play directly from the page. Make sure you list your best songs first. The best marketable songs will be those that are under 3:30 and contain a memorable hook!

Pictures.  You need professional quality photos of you or your band that represent you well.  Include some options here that are vertical, horizontal, and different sizes so they can be used for any purpose. You can also add live performance photos and album covers.  Choose a background that is highly unusual or very simple (no backyard shots against a fence). Studio shots are best for press photos.

Bio. List only the important things, such as notable venues, events, concerts, tours you’ve played, or industry people you’ve worked with. Include a brief discography of your recent albums, only if you’ve worked with established industry professionals. What are the most important things about you or your band that will draw in fans? Include what makes you stand out as an artist. Use a brief version when promoting yourself to industry circles, and keep a longer version that is more personable for your fans.

Videos.  If you have good quality music videos, include your best ones. Live performances are also great, especially when a venue is considering booking you for a show. You can showcase your stage presence here. BUT, make sure you have “Stage Presence” first!

Press.  If you have any notable features in articles or reviews, or have won notable contests or awards, list them and include any relevant quotes from industry professionals. Include interview videos, and an electronic press kit (EPK) if you have one. These are similar to movie trailers which makes the viewer want to see more of you.

Contact and links. You need to be easy to contact when you impress someone with your DPK. List all your contact info, as well as any booking agents or team members. Your social media links should also be available. 

Finally, what might be the most important thing to attach on a DPK is a one-sheet. This will have the most important points to grab the attention of a VIP within one page, which can be printed. This should have a bio that highlights your music and accomplishments in a few paragraphs, a photo, and contact and social media information.  

If you’re serious about being a professional musician, you need to present yourself as one. You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity by not being prepared with a DPK!

Source; Sonicbids, “How to Create and EPK and what to put in it”, 2016

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