Focus on Your Target Market- You Can’t Please Everyone

Written by Grace Moran, Rock The Dream

Think about your own taste in music. There are most likely songs that you can appreciate but cannot relate to, or certain sounds that just don’t excite your ears. It may not have anything to do with quality of the music, every individual just has different tastes. It is important, as an artist, to realize that not everyone needs to love your work. However, it is important to pinpoint and focus on those that do (i.e., choose your target market).

Once you decide on the best demographic for your “target market”, you can create marketing campaigns that directly reach and resonate with your intended audience. For example, if your target market ranges from ages 15-21, a quick google search will show that this age group uses Instagram as it’s prime form of social media. Instead of putting time and effort into your Facebook content, you now know that your efforts will be better spent focusing on your Instagram content and engaging with your fans there. Not to say that Facebook would not still be important, just lower on the priority list. 

Deciding on your target market will help you generate interest in your music, which help you increase your numbers on all platforms. Even a minimal target audience is beneficial. Many people surround themselves with those who share similar interests. They are likely to share new discoveries and interests with each other. Your original listeners will generate new interest from other music consumers outside of the small target market you began with. 

The ability to build your marketing campaigns and promotions in a way that resonates with your audience, will allow you to retain this audience for a longer period. Your listeners will remain loyal supporters and stay interested in your work. This core audience will keep your career afloat and keep you competitive in the industry.

Instagram vs. Facebook - Why Instagram Seems to be the Clear Winner -  Business 2 Community

Source;  Handlin, A. (2019, August 08). The Importance of the Target Market. Retrieved August 30, 2020, from

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