FROM PASSION TO PROFIT – Ways to Make Extra Money From Music

Written by Jessie Cheng, Rock the Dream

Turning our passions into sustainable careers… while it’s everyone’s goal, we all know it’s easier said than done. As musicians, what are the ways to add extra money into our pockets? Read on to find some creative ways to become a profitable artist!

  1. If you have a special musical talent, that skill can also be turned to a means of profit! Consider teaching music lessons, including vocal, songwriting, producing or instrument playing lessons. Not only will you add extra money to your profits, you will also be inspiring others to develop their talent! 
  1. If your forte is writing or producing, check out sites like Fiverr and Soundbetter to write and produce music for other artists. There is a massive community searching for and desiring your expertise, so put it into good use to make empowering, good music that will also bring in income.
  1. Stay consistent on social media, especially sites such as YouTube, where you can generate extra income once you build a strong follower or subscriber base. Post consistently high-quality, creative, and engaging content that will be sure to create a buzz about you! You just might be able to make money through advertisements.
  1. Organize a virtual concert with fellow musicians via Instagram or YouTube Live, and ask for monetary donations from audience members. This is a great way to share your music with others, support fellow musicians, and generate revenue. Just make sure to publicize and start planning early! The tools are all out there, so use them wisely.

What are you waiting for? Reflect on these tips and see how you can use your passion and skill to start generating revenue! 

Theater Steps - Music Lessons in New Jersey

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