Youtube Curators – The Secret that Can Help Your Career

Written by Lindsey Batista, Rock the Dream

So you’ve written and recorded your song that’s sure to be a hit – if you could only get it in front of an audience. A lot of artists are in the same spot, and though it’s not quite so simple, a youtube curator could be the bridge you need to get heard. 

There are tons of music promotion channels on youtube whose purposes are to find new music to fit their genre and niche, and deliver it to their audiences. Subscribers of these channels are people who are actively looking for new music and artists to listen to. Some of these channels have amassed audiences in the millions and have propelled songs and artists into success.

The question is; how do you get your music on these channels? It’s actually pretty easy. The first step is to find the right channels. Some of the big ones have established themselves over years and feature huge artists, but may also take rising and undiscovered music on occasion. Other curators are also just starting out, so they post smaller artists. You’ll want to submit to many different channels.

You can find these channels by searching on google and finding compiled lists, or go right through youtube. Start by searching one curator’s page or an artist similar to you who has been featured on one. Find the post from the promo page and use the suggested videos to find other channels or artists, and keep going.

Make sure to take the time to look through the channel and listen to the music they’ve posted before submitting. Your music needs to fit the genre and style of the page, or it’s not going to be used and it’ll be a waste of time for both you and the curator. Quality also matters, so don’t send in demos to a page posting higher quality music. 

Submitting is actually the easiest part, almost all of these channels will have an email in their description that you can submit your music. In the email, put a direct link to only ONE song, unless instructed otherwise. Be polite and grateful, compliment their page, and give a very brief description and pitch of you and your song. Don’t ask for any other special requests or try to get all of your music featured at once.

If you don’t get a response, especially from a bigger page, it’s okay to send a follow up after a reasonable amount of time. They might not always respond if they choose not to feature you, or they could have not seen it yet. You can always send new submissions in the future, just don’t start spamming the same account that hasn’t responded. 

When you do hear back from a page, be sure to keep up the relationship, so they will continue promoting your future releases. A lot of these curators also have spotify or soundcloud playlists and other social media, which they might promote you on as well if they come to like you. Don’t ever demand for more promotion than offered, though, or you could ruin the relationship. 

Submitting to curators is a great strategy, because it doesn’t take much time or any money, and you can use it continuously for your releases. If you’re not getting any responses from any kinds of channels, re-evaluate your music’s writing and recording quality. Also, ask if you’re really targeting the right pages. Just one curator could transform your career, so don’t miss out on that chance! 

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