How to Use SubmitHub

By Lindsey Batista, Rock the Dream

I’m sure you’ve heard about the importance of playlists in promoting your music, but how do you really get added to someone’s list?

Some have specific ways to submit music, but SubmitHub is one of the biggest platforms for finding and submitting to playlists, as well as some blogs. It’s a free website that playlist owner’s use to take submissions, and the easiest way to start looking for playlist promotion. 

SubmitHub works by using “credits” for each submission. While it can be used totally free, you only get a few standard credits a day, and premium credits can be bought for more submissions at a time. They are relatively inexpensive, and they require that the curator listens to 20 seconds of your submission. Using only free credits, you will have to be more consistent and go on everyday in order to submit to a large number of playlists.

By utilizing SubmitHub, you can search through opportunities by type of submission, genre, and specific moods or styles. It works as a great database if you have no idea where to start looking, let alone to which playlist to submit music. It also lists the following size and percent of accepted submissions for each playlist opportunity to consider. 

Music blogs are often overlooked nowadays, but can still be a huge way to promote new music. If you’re not familiar with any music blogs, you can also search through those submission opportunities on submithub and take advantage of them. 

You’re much more likely to get responses and success using SubmitHub than sending out emails for blogs and curators that you found somewhere online. And, paying for premium submissions actually guarantees it, plus you’ll get feedback even if your song isn’t used. It’s a great tool, even when used for free, that all artists should be taking advantage of. 

The Pros & Cons of SubmitHub - An Honest Review - Musician Wave


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