Not Writing Enough Songs? Try These Challenges!

Written by Lindsey Batista, Rock the Dream

If your new year’s resolutions included being more disciplined in your songwriting, how is it going? The first few weeks of making a new plan or schedule always seem to go smoothly, and then the motivation starts to fade. If that’s how you’re feeling this year, here are some “challenges” to keep you writing:

1. Song a day challenge: This one is just what it sounds like, you will write one entire song everyday for a month – or longer! They can be about anything in any style, you just have to write one finished song a day. Of course, most won’t all be “hits”, but it will get you in a routine and maybe spark some new ideas.

2. Rewrite your favorite album: The goal here isn’t actually to “rewrite”, but it’s to create new songs from the titles off your favorite album. Your versions can and should be completely new and different, but use the album songs as your prompts or ideas for your own. 

3. Art challenge: This one can be fun and really challenge your imagination. Pick out different pieces of art from your favorite artist – abstract, classic, whatever you want. Then, use each piece as your starting point and write a song based on whatever feeling, idea, or storyline it brings to mind.

These may not turn out to be your best songs ever (or maybe they will),  but they will at least keep you on track to practice songwriting more this year. The most effective way to elevate your writing skills is to keep trying, so stop waiting and get writing!

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