How to Make Your Own Cover Art!

Written by; Ava Spolec, Rock the Dream

When designing your album cover, it’s common to experience a creative block or struggle to decide on a design. Do you want a minimalistic appearance, a psychedelic look, a still life, a photography portrait? When it’s all said and done, what you want is for the cover to fit the artist’s image and album title, and to be visually show-stopping.

First, think about what route you want to go, a real life photo shoot or a digitally made cover.  For a photoshoot, think about local spots with the right aesthetic — maybe a room in your house, an abandoned town, or even the junkyard. You can get really eccentric with hair, makeup and wardrobe design. Check your local thrift stores for outfits and props for cheap. 

You can use visual effect tools to spice it up, too. Play around with effects like smoke, fire, shadows, mirrors, water or iridescent bubbles in your background. Although it would be an extra cost, a projector can be an excellent tool to set up entrancing backdrops for many covers to come. 

Picsart has various features to edit photos, or you can create digital art from scratch. It has thousands of free backgrounds. You can add text with shadow effects in over 20 fonts. Stickers are also available. You can pay for the Pro Version ($41 annually), although, the free version is just as useful. You can make a personal sticker from a photo in your camera roll; use filters, photo masks such as flames and broken glass; blend images on top of each other and distorting effects like mirroring images, chopping them, and making them look like an oil painting.

Canva is another digital app with an interesting comic book feature, and plenty of templates to inspire you. It costs just $12 a month, or you can download the free version. 

With a little creativity, using the many editing apps out there, or just working with an iphone camera and some cheap equipment, you can make the perfect cover art on your own.

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