Mindfulness for Musicians

Written by Ava Spolec, Rock the Dream

It’s important for everyone to prioritize mental health, and musicians have even more reasons. Not only is this a high stress industry, but being creative and vulnerable in your work can take a lot out of an artist. 

Struggling with issues like performance anxiety, fear before new releases, and lack of sleep, because of a busy schedule is very common. It’s not all sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. Here are some tips to help artists stay healthy and focused on career goals: 

  • Limit caffeine and sugar, this will help combat nerves and anxiety, and get better rest. 
  • Visualize your success. Imagine people streaming, singing along, and sharing your music! This technique will keep you feeling positive. 
  • Practice meditation and breathing exercises. Try to have a weekly, if not daily, meditation routine. And, when you’re feeling especially anxious or stressed, try this technique for a few minutes- close your eyes and count to 3 while inhaling, then count to 3 while exhaling, and it will calm you down immediately! 
  • Another mindfulness technique is setting small goals. Set goals for yourself that are achievable soon! These small rewards along the way keep you motivated and on track to your long-term goals.
  • Journal about your experiences. Music might be your chosen method of expression, but journaling about the specific things that are stressing you out can help you think through problems, plus it might help inspire music!
  • Remember that anxious feelings about performing or making career decisions are inevitable. It all contributes to your growth as an artist, and it takes a long time to build up confidence!

With all projects, plans and endeavors, self-care is a high priority. Working hard is important, but you can’t achieve anything, if you aren’t in the right headspace to make it happen. 

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