Do You Have a Brand?

Written by; Lindsey Batista, Rock the Dream

At the end of the day, music is a business even at the smallest scale, and business means “selling a brand”.  There’s a difference between being just a music artist and having a brand – which is essential for success. The first question is, “What is your brand?” For most artists to answer this, you must first determine “What is your image?”.  Branding is projecting this image in EVERYTHING!

Branding is all about consistency. Your music is only one part, but there’s also your social media, photos, videos, merch, and even fonts and color schemes you use. It all needs to represent you and your music perfectly, or else your fans will be confused and your brand won’t come together. 

Here are some questions to help you figure out if you even have a brand and what you can work on to make it stronger;

1. Do you have a logo? It’s not something we always think about, but any big artist has a logo. All of their promotional content will use the same font and color for their name and album or songs. It might change with projects over time, but it always stays consistent. If you don’t yet, you should consider creating your logo and carrying it across your merch, promotional material, and album covers. 

2. Does your social media look professional? By professional, it means all of your platforms look similar and give the same idea about you. Even further, every photo and post should be of a similar quality and message. Some things to help look consistent are editing photos with the same styles and filters, using your logo consistently, and even carrying a color scheme in your photos. 

3. Do you have a message? It doesn’t have to be anything extremely complicated, but can a fan easily describe you after they discover your music or socials? In fact, simple is the better way to go. Of course, you want to be creative and innovative as you work on your brand and music, but there should be similar themes in your work and what you promote. This could be anything from mental health awareness to simply having fun and spreading positivity. 

The more thought and planning you put into developing your brand, the more success you’ll have in your career. If this seems like a lot to figure out, you can work with a talent agency (for a steep price), or try Rock the Dream’s mentorship program for one-on-one artist development advice. Plus, your first month is free! 

Music Branding 101: How To Build A Brand As A Music Artist

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