Randy Jackson’s Advice to Artists

Written By Lindsey Batista, Rock the dream

As a musician, producer, and American Idol judge, Randy Jackson has definitely spent enough time in the industry to see what it takes to succeed, and what things hold an artist back. 

During the Mesa Music Festival seminar in Arizona, he shared his experience of the crucial practices necessary to succeed. Here are the biggest pieces of advice he had to share:

  1. Mindset matters more than talent. You must be open-minded and able to take criticism, and willing to work hard. You could be the best songwriter ever, but if you don’t have the work ethic to actually write and finish the songs it doesn’t mean anything. 
  2. Be strategic. You need to have very specific goals in what image you want to portray and what you want to achieve with your career. In his words, “determine your true self and what you want to achieve, and then chart a course”. This includes finding a specific sound for your music, with a defined genre, but that brings something unique to music. 
  3. Work on your songs until you have hits. It’s a waste to spend time and money promoting music that isn’t good enough to make it mainstream. If you truly had hits, you would have found success. This again goes to work ethic and putting in the time and effort to be a solid brand.
  4. When you have music that is ready to promote, don’t try and do it yourself. Finding an A&R rep to take care of this, or at least getting some guidance, will be much more effective than running your own facebook and instagram ads with no plan. Spotify streams are hugely important for impressing A&Rs.
  5. The worst things you can do are: Get hooked on drugs or alcohol, or let your ego get in the way of your improvement.
  6. If you’re only creating music to get rich and famous you will most likely fail. You have to have a passion and love for it. 
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