How to Grow on Instagram in 2021

Written by Lindsey Batista, Rock the Dream

If you’re working on growing your instagram page, which every artist should be, then you might be stressed about all the things you hear regarding changing algorithms. While there have been a few major adjustments in the past year, the algorithm doesn’t change that often. So, your main focus should be about making a plan to push your content to new fans and sticking to it. Here are some up-to-date tips.

You probably hear people saying “post as much as possible”. This is only partly true. On your feed, you want to post as much quality content as you can. A few solid posts a week is much better than posting randomly from your camera feed everyday. These should be professional looking photos and content pieces that promote your brand; and, try to keep a similar theme and look to them.

Your story is where you want to be posting more constantly. Use your story everyday, posting  when you can. Here, you can be less professional and show your fans your personality. You want to interact as much as possible by reposting fan shoutouts, asking questions and polls, and simply talking candidly.

Reels, the newest feature on the app, are what instagram promotes the most, so take advantage of them. Post as often as you can, and if you use TikTok (which you should be), reposting content from there will save you tons of time. 

Interaction on every post is really important to get instagram to push you out to the explore page. Take time to think about captions that people will actually read, as the longer they stay on your post the better it looks to the app. Also, always ask questions and engage in discussion in the comments. 

You also want to make content that is shareable. Whether you’re good at making really funny content, can write really inspiring and compelling captions, or are on top of trends, focus on making posts that people are likely to send to a friend. You can also remind people in your caption by adding, “share with a friend who (fill in the blank)”.  

Social media comes down to being real, showing your personality and connecting with fans, but it is also one of the biggest self-promotion tools around, so put in the time to do it right!

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