How to Get Played on Pandora Radio

Written by Lindsey Batista, Rock the Dream

Pandora radio, owned by siriusxm, makes personally curated music stations for its listeners. It’s great for discovering new artists, because it plays similar music to what someone already listens to from all different artists. 

Currently, it is only in the US, but it has a huge audience nonetheless. Every independent artist should take advantage of this goldmine of potential fans. 

To get music on Pandora, your song must be released by a distributor (i.e. Cdbaby, distrokid, etc.). Your distributor might already send your music to Pandora, but the following process is still necessary for it to be added to the general catalogue and pushed out to new listener stations. 

First, make a pandora account if you don’t have one, and then log into the Artist Marketing Platform with the same credentials. You can upload songs through the “submission portal”. 

Copy the UPC from your distributor site and paste it into the form. Keep in mind that the song must already be released, so it’s best to do this on the release date. Then, enter a description and genre. 

It will then be received by Pandora and show as “In review”. After this step, a decision will be made, and then you will be notified with either “Live” or “Rejected” once it’s been reviewed. 

Pandora even offers free tools for promotion right in the Artist Marketing Platform. These include an artist audio message that plays when someone selects your station; a featured track that is pushed out to the most stations; and Pandora stories, which allows you to make playlists with mini podcasts to share your story and perspectives with listeners. 

Once your music is uploaded all that’s left is to keep on promoting! There are listeners waiting to hear your new music right now, so don’t wait to get on Pandora!

Pandora - Streaming Music, Radio & Podcasts - Apps on Google Play


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