Real World Marketing Ideas

Written by Lindsey Batista, Rock the Dream 

With streaming and now the pandemic, music is increasingly accessed, performed, and marketed virtually.  This doesn’t mean that old school marketing techniques should be totally forgotten, though. And, since so many artists do forget them nowadays, it will make your name stand out even more. Here are some marketing ideas for the real world:

  • Show posters. You want a poster that’s eye-catching and captures your image. You can use it to market online as well, but make physical copies to post at the venue and any local places you can find (coffee shops, music stores, tattoo shops, etc.; wherever your target market would frequent)
  • Exit flyering. Be aware that some places require a permit for this, so do your research. Also, get permission from the venue! With your show flyers, you can find performances a few days before your own whose audience you want to target and hand out flyers as people exit that show. 
  • Stickers. Make stickers with your name or logo that stand out and place them anywhere you can (where allowed). You should also put a QR code on them, so people can scan it and get a link to your website or music. 
  • Hand out merch at big shows or festivals. A lot of artists already do this, so stickers and flyers will probably get thrown out. But, if you make tote bags, sunglasses -something useful- with your name and logo on it, people will appreciate it and remember your name. 
  • Promo Packages for Media. Create a beautiful promotional package to give to local radio and TV stations, newspapers, magazines, etc. Research each for the best contact person who can give you the publicity you want. Then create a basket with things they like. Call their receptionist, explain that you’re making a basket, and get your contact’s favorite foods, and size for merch. Pack it with these items, a T-shirt and your CD, along with your press kit — DO NOT DISPLAY the press kit, just put it in the basket.

Everyone is overloaded with online advertising, so having face-to-face interactions or something physical for people to remember you by makes a huge impact.  The more you stand out from the crowd, the more people will listen to your music and become a fan. 

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