Writing a Good Spotify Pitch

Written By Lindsey Batista, Rock the Dream

If you aren’t already, you should be submitting EVERY song you release to Spotify Editorial Playlists before their release dates. Spotify editors actually review these and put artists on huge playlists that can jumpstart their careers. This is only if the music and pitch is good enough.

In a pitch, you have a chance to choose genre, subgenre, and moods for the song, and describe yourself and the song within 500 characters. You can explain the background on the song, and why it’s worthy of promotion, so take the time to do this well. Here’s how to write a proper Spotify pitch;

  • Submit your song as early a possible before release (at least 4 weeks).
  • Know what makes you special. You need to sell the exciting things about you or your band. Where you’re from or your musical influences don’t make you special, think about what really makes you unique. Once you figure this out, make it the first sentence of your pitch.
  • Name drop. If you have any cosigns from someone prominent in the industry or your genre, quote them in your pitch. Also, include any well-known blogs or platforms you’ve been featured on or that will feature this release — this builds your credibility as an artist.  
  • Mention if you’ve previously been added to an editorial or very large playlist.
  • Know your genre/subgenre. Use specific identifier terms to show where your song belongs, and that you know what you’re talking about. For example, if your music could be considered “hyperpop”, say it, don’t just call it pop. Also, use other terms this music is related to (i.e., lo-fi pop, future pop, etc.).
  • If you really can’t figure out what’s important about your band, hire a professional experienced in musician bios to write an artist bio for you and pull the best parts for your pitch. This will go a long way, and not just for playlist submissions.
  • Keep your pitch simple and precise. No unnecessary words or thoughts that do not relate directly to the pitch.
  • Edit! Rewrite the pitch a few times to make sure it’s as good as it can be, and to ensure you don’t miss anything important. 
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Source; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7z9T0ydXso

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