Why Lewis Capaldi is a Social Media Genius

By Lindsey Batista, Rock the Dream 

Lewis Capaldi has become one of the biggest names in music, with his first single becoming the fastest to reach 25 million streams from an unsigned artist. Of course his music is exceptional, but there are other things to take away from his career, like his social media. 

An artist’s social media numbers don’t always line up with music sales, but Capaldi’s follower counts have grown almost as fast as his career. He’s only been releasing music since late 2017, and he’s now at over 3 million followers on Tik Tok and 5.5 million on instagram. 

Capaldi was able to identify and utilize a strength of his; his hilarious personality. He’s extremely funny and quirky and shares this through his social media pages, often posting unflattering pictures of himself in funny outfits or sunglasses, and making internet-relevant jokes. 

Another thing about Capaldi is that he’s super relatable. He makes jokes about still living with his parents, still being broke because his royalty checks haven’t come in, and things that anyone can relate to. He doesn’t try to flash his money or success, which might work for some artists, but wouldn’t work for Capaldi as he comes across as a humble, genuine guy. 

This kind of content made tons of people want to follow him, probably even if they didn’t listen to his music. This means that he has a huge audience to promote his music to, and those that weren’t fans yet probably became them. 

You shouldn’t try to copy Capaldi’s social media, chances are you aren’t quite as funny. You should identify your own strengths and focus on those. Maybe it is humor for you, or it could be that you’re open and honest and share personal stories behind your music, or maybe you’re a great visual artist. Whatever it is, curate your social media to be unique to you and your brand, and put time into it as it’s one of the best ways to market music today. 

Lewis Capaldi declares himself 'Scottish Beyonce' on London Underground  billboard - Daily Record

Source; 4-lessons-from-lewis-capaldi-on-how-to-rule-social-media

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