How to Play Music Festivals

By Lindsey Batista, Rock the Dream 

It’s that time of year, and music festivals are finally back. For musicians, festivals are huge opportunities for exposure, which means there’s a lot of competition to get on rosters.  Here’s our tips on how to get one of these coveted spots. 

  1. Perfect your live performance. It’s no use to book a major festival if you aren’t an amazing performer yet. Every artist and band needs ‘hit’ songs, practice and experiences to put on a great live show, so work on your stage presence before wasting time trying to book a festival. How do you know if your performance is ready to hit the main stage? If you cannot draw a crowd of 100 people, without counting your relatives and friends, you’re not amazing enough. If you can draw 100, 500+ is a reality at a music festival.
  1. Start local. Building a solid fanbase in your hometown and surrounding area is really important for new acts. Look for festivals and events around you and apply. Even if it seems small, it’s still a chance to be discovered by potential fans and for you to perfect your performance, so you can draw that crowd of 100.
  1. Update your social media. When applying for a festival, your social media presence will be a big factor in deciding whether to book you. Large following numbers will help, of course, but it’s also important to show that you’re active and interacting with your audience. This shows that you will actively promote the festival if you get the spot. 
  1. Have an updated DPK, (Digital Press Kit. Find more details on our blog.)
  1. Choose festivals wisely. It’s a waste of your time, not to mention the festival to apply to ones that don’t fit your genre and level, so research properly. Finding festival opportunities can happen through networking, booking agents or your own research. Tools like Sonicbids festival finder:  can help you find ones accepting applications. 
Is it safe to go to an outdoor concert or music festival during Covid


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