How to use Instagram Reels for Promotion

By Lindsey Batista, Rock the Dream

Social media is a crucial part of promotion for every artist, but if you’re not utilizing it in the right ways, your posts won’t reach anyone.  Right now, videos are way more powerful than photos, and on instagram this means using reels. The format and algorithm for reels is similar to TikTok, so you can use the same content for both platforms. 

Regular posts will mostly be shown to your current followers and rarely pushed to new audiences. Reels, on the other hand, are favored by instagram and will be promoted to new users based on their performance. The better it performs, the more people will see it. That’s why you should be consistently working on new reels content to find out what works. 

As a musician trying to grow a following while also promoting your music, here are some reels tips:

-Use your own audio. Make sure you use a distributor that puts your music on Instagram. Then, if your reel blows up, your song gets more plays; and, if people like it enough they’ll use it in their own videos, or maybe even find it on a streaming platform. If you don’t select the audio through Instagram, then there will be no way for the viewer to find the title or link to the song, and they will quickly forget about it once they scroll past!

-Tell the story behind the song. A trend that has brought a lot of new artists attention has been to tell their personal inspiration behind a song before playing a clip. Be vulnerable and talk about something people will relate to!

-”If you’ve ever…   then this song is for you”. This is another trend to target people who relate to the song’s message. Use this intro with your song, and try to make the statement universally relatable, but still something unique and creative. 

-Steal a trend. If there’s a popular type of video that would work great to your song, re-make and give it your own twist, using your song.

-Ask a question. If you used any of the above video ideas, or something else, find a way to pose a question at the end for viewers to respond to in the comments. The more engagement on the post, the more it will be pushed to other users. 

Introducing Instagram Reels - About Facebook

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