What Every Artist can learn from JoJo Siwa

By Lindsey Batista, Rock the Dream

If you haven’t heard of JoJo Siwa, she’s an 18-year-old who’s already amassed over 3.5 billion views on youtube, 36 million followers on Tik Tok, and 10 million followers on Instagram.  Her audience is very young, but her marketing techniques can be applied to any target audience. In her short time, she has perfected the most important element of finding success: Her brand. 

JoJo Siwa is hard to miss. Everything she does and wears is bright and bold, and she wears a signature bow in her hair. She started her career very young, and the life she displays is a fantasy for most kids. She was able to skyrocket her following by making slight adjustments to also appeal to a slightly older audience now that she’s an adult, while still maintaining her original audience.

 Specifically on Tik Tik, which has a widely Gen Z audience, Siwa jumped onto “transformation” trends to show how she’s matured, and even joined in on some jokes that people made about her. Her brand didn’t change completely, but simply evolved. She also makes consistent, high quality content across platforms to keep audiences engaged at all times.

Another thing Siwa does effectively is making content that sells. She’s constantly promoting her merch and music, but not in your face about it. For her music, she not only makes music videos, but also behind the scenes, live performances and bloopers. She’s constantly sporting her own merch, and even more subtly showing it, like giving a tour of her warehouse or making a funny video of how many of her bows she can wear at once. 

No one can deny the brilliance behind the empire of JoJo Siwa. Even if you have nothing in common with her brand, you can still implement the same strategies for your own. 

Its JoJo Siwa - YouTube

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